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2MenShuttle, another small quick shuttle, that helps transport 2
It also can move in series, so end of first shuttle would connect to front of another shuttle up to 8 or 10 shuttles, this will reduce fuel used while moving.

The idea was saved in mind for a while since we did not have much turbines, once we got some, the first thing we did is actually putting this MOC to live.

Hope you like it and wish we can get some support, the simple small yet beautiful ideas that use regular parts are the ones that we love.

Full pictures and details are here...

Addition 2013-12-09:
It might not very visible in pix, one of the arms can be rotated away to allow space to put/remove minifigs.
See it here

Front view


Series connected view to save fuel, using the front shuttle to control move, and last shuttle engine to move

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