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There are many LEGO fans today who have a separate room specially designed for keeping LEGO sets, creations, and pieces. This LEGO idea proposal is to recreate a similar LEGO room set in LEGO bricks!

The proposed layout for this LEGO room is a base 32 x 24 studs with two different sections representing different aspects of the LEGO fandom. The current model in the main picture is made up of 1,039 bricks. 

Along two of the sides are plenty of drawers and shelves. The drawers can hold small tiles or plates to represent a variety of pieces. There are sliding ladders similar to a library bookshelf for minifigures to access pieces on the upper drawers or the creations on top of the shelf. There are also creations or sets along the gaps and on top including a yellow truck, smaller Unikitty, pirate ship, castle, and many other creations of many varieties. 

There is a corner desk with a computer and a custom steampunk mech and a classic spaceship. 

In the center of the model is a large LEGO City layout with a beach and streets. This includes micro-scale models of many fan-favorite LEGO sets. You might recognize the entire Modular Building line, and the Emerald Night steam train. The center of the Modular city includes a large building crane, statue, mini trucks, and building materials. Mini white cars are scattered throughout the streets in different colors of tiles. There are also two completely custom LEGO skyscrapers to expand the city and give it depth

For the Emerald Night train and the cars, the minifigure's roller skate piece works perfectly as a vehicle base as it has been used many times before. It continues to impress me with its micro-vehicle uses and is the reason why I chose to incorporate them here. 

All the modular buildings are connected together in the order that they were released (Cafe Corner, Market Street, Green Grocer, Fire Brigade, Grand Emporium, Pet Shop, Town Hall, Palace Cinema, Parisian Restaurant, Detective's Office, and the new Brick Bank). They are built sideways to achieve the best detail of each building's unique design.  

Right next to the city is an animating apparatus. It includes a camera, computer, and a cart with kickstands. This is supposed to represent the stop-motion animation aspect of the LEGO culture. 

The two minifigures represent an individual male and a female fan of LEGO. 

This set is a great representation of the LEGO culture. Many adult, teen, and kid fans of LEGO can appreciate and celebrate what it means to be a LEGO fan! There are lots of special micro builds that come from a variety of themes (castle, space, steampunk, city, .etc), so there is something for everyone! 

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support! 

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