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The LEGO Hotel


Hi all Lego creators,

this is my Lego hotel it has 1120 bricks and is a modular building.


Every bedroom has 1-4 bedrooms ,a toilet ,shower ,most have a television and one has a clock.

The first floor has:

A reception area.

A bedroom with 2 beds.

A restaurant.

A kitchen where they cook for the restaurant.

The second floor has:

2 bedrooms with 4 beds.

2 bedrooms with 2 beds.

1 bedroom with 1 beds.


The outside has a nice front garden with plants also it has a big HOTEL sign. This hotel can fit in a city or a town really well.


This hotel also includes 1 worker which has been working at the hotel for a long time. There's a woman who runs and owns the hotel she also cooks the food. Then there are 2 people who are on vacation and are enjoying their stay at the hotel.


I hope you like the hotel and support.

Yours sincerely,

Tucnak 10

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