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The Prisoner : Escape from Rover


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Hi, this set is based of the 1967 - 1968 TV-Series 'The Prisoner' which starred Patrick McGoohan as a resigned secret agent who is sent to a surreal village which was guarded by a giant sphere known as Rover.

This set includes Number 6's Lotus 7 & Rover alongside minifigures of Number 6 (Village outfit and opening titles outfit) and Number 2.  

The car can fit 1 standard mini-figure. 

I think this set would be good for fans of the show, as it includes the iconic Rover and Number 6's Lotus 7. This set would also be good for car fans, even if they haven't watched of headed of The Prisoner as it includes a car. 


Lotus 7 - 65 bricks

Rover - 38 bricks

119 bricks including minifigures. 


Thanks for looking!





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