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Fully Functional R/C Grader


Here is my technic grader I've been working on, I have put in as many functions as I could with the parts I have because the more moving parts and functions the better I reckon!

I have managed to build it with:

*Forward and reverse through 4 wheel drive to the rear wheels with differentials.


*Articulated suspension for the rear axle.

*Motor with moving pistons when the primary motor is turning.

*Hinged bonnet to view the engine bay.

*Clockwise/anticlockwise rotation for the blade.

*Blade up and down.

*Camber adjustment for front wheels.

*Ive also designed a working ripping blade but didnt have enough parts to build it and add it on.

All functions work very well and are powered by 2 motors with the IR remote and a variety of switches and gearboxes, Ive tried to hide as much of the workings and gearboxes as possible but again I was limited by my technic collection, It's nice and solid to pick up and move around and the battery pack is easily accessed for removal behind the drivers seat.

I dont think the photos really show you how big it is either, rough dimensions are 0.5m long - 0.2m wide - 0.25m high. 

Hope you like it and give it some support!

Cheers for checking it out

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