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Motorhome Campground


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Welcome to your new home for the next few weeks! Packed with features, the Hermes 7500rX Motorhome is everything you'll need, plus some. 

As you enter the motorhome, you will immediately notice an extensive control panel. It has the controls needed for driving in all weather conditions. It even has radar! Only visitors and owners know this, though, so don't tell anyone! As you move farther back into the van, you will notice the living area is filled with amenities. From a fold-up table to a functioning kitchen, this house on wheels has it all. In the back, there are three slideouts*: A bathroom, a kids' room, and the master bedroom. Starting with the bathroom, it is quite expansive. With a small shower, a toilet, and a sink with a mirror, this is all you will ever need. In the kid's bedroom, there is a nice twin bunk bed with a small chest of drawers. In the master bedroom, there is a full bed, chest of drawers, table, and lamp. On the top, you will find a satellite dish, radio antenna, solar panels, and an air conditioning unit.

As we move along to the Minifigures, we can begin to introduce the cast of characters. Louis, the father, is a savvy businessman who works in the financial sector. He always has a laptop in his hand. Tina, the mother, has a love for education. She homeschools the kids and likes to play tennis with Lily. Speaking of Lily, she is the athlete of the family. She enjoys anything that requires tennis shoes and a ball. Peter, the nerd of the family loves school and robots. He even has a large robot that can be stored in the under-floor storage bins. 

On play features, there are many. The roof, cab top, and slide out tops all come out. All of the tables, benches, and chairs can be attached to a plate under the floor of the master bedroom.

The 7500rX motorhome is powered by LEGO PoweredUp! motors and can be controlled with a remote. 

This model includes 5 standard trees, 2 brick-built trees, a bush, and a picnic table. The build also has a greywater processing plant. It is made of 844 bricks.

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