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Hyacinth Macaw

This cute little parrot is a hyacinth macaw, a subspecies of macaw with beautiful hyacinth-coloured feathers. It lives in the rain forests of South America and feeds on berries, nuts, fruits and vegetables. But this one doesn't just live in the south, it can also sit peacefully on your shelf in its little tree!

I built it as a Christmas gift for my mum, as I was creating LEGO gifts for other members of my family and I know that this is her favourite animal. I have even printed the box for it and the instructions to make it a complete LEGO set.

I hope you will like this set as much as I do and help me to make it the next LEGO IDEAS set! I think there are a lot of big LEGO sets but not many smaller ones, especially the animal-themed ones. Let's change that and make some small animal sets!

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