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0-6-0 Diesel Shunter 'Alstad'


Trying to get the prototype sorted

I have built a prototype of Alstad, but I'll need some more bricks until it feels right.


I gave Alstad some boxcars to shunt

Alstad has been given boxcars to shunt. There's two of them, one of them full the other one empty. This brings the total to 455 pieces.


Alstad has upgraded!

​Quite a few changes here. Alstad has got a longer nameplate, and added hazard stripes to the front and back. Plus, in the screenshots, you can see that the locomotive has some added engine access doors on both sides. The build now stands at 211 pieces.


Alstad has a new look, and some added details.

The first thing you see is that Alstead's back has been remodeled to give stability to the roof. I've also changed the colour of the front of the locomotive, more specifically around the grille. Other additions include the driver, two doors, which you can see in the new screenshots, a fuel port near the back of the locomotive and strobe lights on both ends of the roof. The build now stands at 204 pieces.

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