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Mini Cooper S 2009


Our household likes Mini Coopers so much, we have two of them. One of them is the Mini Cooper S. This one has the white stripes on the hood and trunk. This was the second model manufactured after BMW bought Mini. This car is so fun to drive, that I decided to make a lego set out of it. And believe it or not, it even fits a Minifig! It’s small enough that the MINI company advises us to not park it all the way forward in parking spaces. Apparently, they are being rear-ended because their parking spots appear vacant. The car is so sophisticated that it has dozens of computers and tells you when it needs service.

Have you ever noticed the many different Mini Coopers on the road? You see them in all colors and combinations. Each of them is a ready-to-make lego set waiting to be created. Mini Cooper lego sets are great for kids, as they contain few bricks. All these cars populate my display case like a mini car dealership!

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