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Union Pacific Boxcar


This is a one foot to one stud model of a Union Pacific 50' Boxcar. It features custom bogies, a removable roof, and sliding doors.

Dimensions: 10 studs wide by 60 studs long by 16 studs tall, 1,380 pieces.

          Why did I make this?

I have always been a train fan, and when I received my first Lego set at the age of 3, I started brainstorming potential Lego trains. I later discovered Lego Digital Designer and started experimenting with models. After a few years, I started working on this boxcar.

          Why do I think this would make a great Lego set?

There has been a lack of close-to-realistic Lego models of trains that I think could be filled by this car. It fits the standard Lego track guage and has connectors compatible with other trains. In addition, the changeability of Lego incorporated with a standard model means that new, more interesting ideas can be built onto or around a base kit whereas standard models are often set-in-stone, or very difficult to modify yourself.

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