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Summer Fun In The Suburbs


Jump right in to the swing of summer with Summer Fun in the Suburbs! 

This set includes detail detail and more detail on a small scale.  

Our small suburban home features decorated glass sliding doors opening into an interior with wood floors, a desk with a wine bottle, wine glass and letter, a side table with a flower, chair, lamp, and magazine stand.  The roof has three stained glass windows.  The house also has a large barbecue grill that is perfect for grilling up steaks, hotdogs,  and chicken legs for a party by the pool or an evening outdoor dinner. The house has a large table for eating outside by the grill. 

The pool and lounge chair area features a spacious pool with floats, two lounge chairs, one swivel chair and a long table with plenty of food for hungry swimmers and pool guests! What is great about the pool area, is that you can use this build with any of your Lego sets or scenes in your Lego city because it built on a separate16x16 plate.

Three dogs are included as well as one swimmer, who is waiting for the rest of his guests to show up! 

Thanks for looking! And enjoy the rest of your summer! 

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