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Medieval Restaurant


Arthur´s medieval Restaurant

I was looking for a solution how to integrate an old knight's castle into the present time. While searching, I came across the millionaire and medieval fan Arthur.

Together we had the idea to build a medieval restaurant in a big city. 

This is to bring the medieval traditions closer to the people. 

There will be medieval food and drink and Arthur will also be showing part of his huge medieval collection there.

As a highlight there is a small rock with a sword in the middle on the ground floor. Every guest who manages to pull the sword out of the rock gets free food and drink all day long

On the ground floor there is:

  • the wall of the shields. Here are the shields of the 15 greatest knights

  • long knights table

  • a rock with a sword in the middle (Arthur’s favorite piece from his collection)

Upstairs there is:

  • a large balcony

  • room with a large fireplace

  • an original armor from the Middle Ages

In the tower there is:

  • a small, secret room full of books about the Middle Ages. Here Arthur can retire and relax after work.

With the medieval restaurant you can bring a medieval building to your city.

Thank you for returning to the Middle Ages with us.

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