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Benny's Orbital Transport Craft (2 in 1 Spaceship!)


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Benny loves his spaceships and being with his fellow master builders. The Red Astronaut, Benny's master builder friend, also loves spaceships and hanging out with other spacemen but he occasionally likes to go his own way. Together him and Benny designed the Orbital Transport Craft. The red astronaut's specialty is lasers, this shows in this craft since it has four flick fire missiles, six spring loaded shooters and one rotating laser turret. Benny is an explorer and loves to go into the deep vastness of space, his small Rocket-Jet only has two small lasers but can out run the fastest enemy fighters and he can jump from galaxy to galaxy seeing the wonders of space. The Red Astronaut prefers a planet surface as opposed to space that is why his transport vehicle has a cargo hold for his small rover. You to can enjoy the adventures of Benny and his red friend in Benny's Orbital Transport Craft!  

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