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Fairytale of the Legend Sword


This is my Lego Fairytale of the Legend sword, which is inspired by a timeless myth about the True King and his journey to save his kingdom. From the beginning, I always believe each lego part has a story to tell, that's why I made this set. Just take a look at it, a whole new world with the castles, jungle, King, princes, and princesses, and Witch... instantly pops out. No need words, each of us has our own imagination with Lego sets, and those will never be bored, never get lost, only be transferred from one to others, from you to your children, and so on. It is the true power of the Bricks.

And today, I also believe this would be a great Lego set for the people who love Fairytale theme, as well as those want to get a mythical display piece to gathering around with their loved ones.

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