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Assembly Aircraft Company AR-413 Thunderclap

Happy New Year LEGO Fans!!! To mark this occasion the AAC proudly presents its newest build: the Thunderclap. This started out as just an idea for a composite engine prototype, soon it became a way to utilize that cockpit windscreen used in a few other projects on Cuusoo. (links below) The Nebulon Void Fighter - Galaxy Command Police Patrol VTOL Valkyria

(Please note, these are not my projects but they are pretty cool so I recommend you check 'em out.)

This shot should provide a good view of the landing gear and the rear of the composite engines as well as the new and improved tail.

It may look a little unfinished. Well, it kind of is. If you want to see it in a different color scheme or with added armament then feel free to tell me in the comments and I'll see if I can edit accordingly.

Good news everyone!* Over the holidays I acquired several new LEGO sets. So we may soon see my first Cuusoo project made of real bricks! Be sure to check the Discover page!

*(If you get the reference, leave a comment and I'll support one of your projects.)

NEW: An exploded view of the composite engine. Note the secondary drive turbine present in real jet engines.

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