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The Dairy Inn

This is the Dairy Inn, the small diner with an outside picnic. The perfect thing a small town needs to pick up a fresh made burger with a soda!!! This set would include the "Dairy Inn" itself, 5 vehicles, and 9 minifigures. It is made with 3 base plates: the 32x32 green Baseplate, and 2 Straight Road Baseplates.

Inside the Dairy Inn is the waiter holding 2 pizzas and delivering them to the customer. There is a customer eating a burger and is drinking a cup of soda. The chef would be cooking burgers and giving them to the waiter to give to the dining customer and waitress to give to picnic and to-go customers.

There are 4 Sports Cars and a Mailtruck. The customer with a burger and drink in red is headed to his red sports car. The yellow man in his yellow car is leaving the diner from a great meal. The police car belongs to the police officer about to order his food. The oil worker is bringing pizza to his friends at the gas station. The mailman drives his mailtruck to deliver a package to the Diner for 4 extra cups. The mailman has to also deliver 3 letters for the Diner and 5 more to other places.

This is the back of the vehicles. You can see the mailtruck with the package but 6 letters are behind it. As you can see, 3 sports cars have motors in the back, but the police car doesn't, and the mailtruck's motor is under the front hood.You also have a better view of the man with a burger and drink and the oil worker with the 2 pizzas.

Here is the last detail. You can see the chef again and you can see a construction worker getting a pizza and burger with a soda. The Police Officer will order after that. There are 3 Parasols covering 4 tables set with sodas and burgers. There is an extra room in the diner where you can get the ingredients for 4 extra burgers!!! There are 12 burgers, 7 pizzas, and 8 cups (4 in mail package).

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