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Lego Movie 2 Jek-14's Turbo Starfighter


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The new Lego movie Jek-14's Turbo Starfighter is an awesome set I made for the new Lego movie 2 coming out in 2017, so I made this set as a proposal for the sequel.


Emmet and Jek-14 teamed up to Stop the Bad guys (Which are the B2-Super Battle Droid from star wars, An Alien from the old Lego set from 2001 called life on Mars, and a New Battle droid I made is called the BX-100 Heavy Droid). Jek built himself a radical starfighter to shoot down the bad guys. But Emmet is being out numberd by the bad guys, But Jek came to his rescue and took them down.  Jek-14 is wearing a blue armor that resembles an imperial stormtrooper armor, and he has 2 black curved blue lightsabers and he also has a white double bladed green lightsaber. And Emmet has a white armor that resemble a clone pilot armor and he comes with a black space helmet, also he is equipped with a  Chaingun sort of from the old republic mmo game.  and can he can use other blasters also.

The BX-100 Heavy Droid I made is silver and it has a super battle droid rocket arm on it's right side. The Green Alien is named Mr.Greenie the meanest Alien in the universe and The Super Battle droid has a rocket cannon as it's arm.

Jek-14's Turbo Fighter  is the fastest starfighter  equipped with 4 engines. the 2 engines on the wings are Z-5000 Mega Booster engines, the mega booster engines have small delta wings and they have small rocket engines and they have car motors on top of them. The starfighter has 4 blaster cannons, 4 Ion cannons, and 6 missiles. they can fold up and down, and so does the tips of the wings.

This set comes with a  small weapons room to hold extra blasters and Jek's white double-bladed green lightsaber as a spare.


I would Love to see my set I made for the Sequel to the new Lego Movie and Action, because it would be Awesome! If it approves I hope everyone would love it.




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