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Lego Bookends


New Book Titles!

I know I am a little late here - but 1,000 SUPPORTERS!!!!


I had some stickers printed to add a few custom book titles including lego puns - 

Thank you again for all the support, and please share this project with your family and friends to help make it a real set!

Also, please suggest a title for the secret compartment book and if I can get to 2,000 supporters I will re-do the cover to include a new title!


Slight re-design and new minifigs

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you SO MUCH for the support for this project. I decided to do a small re-design on two books featured on the left side of the bookeds. The top of the black book was bugging me as I thought the covers stuck up too far in comparison to the spine - so I lowered the tops. 

Another area that I thought could use some improvement was the book on the very end, which displays a back cover. I decided to thin out the back cover itself and create a thicker set of "pages". I think these updates give the set a bit of a cleaner finish. 

The main update is related to minifigures! I had been struggling to come up with a use for minifigs with this idea but it finally hit me! There should be minifigures included related to various literature themes. Then, you have the choice of displaying whichever minifigures apply to the type of books you are holding. I decided to include 4:

A Knight - for adventure books
A Princess - for romance novels
A futurastic soldier - for Sci Fi readers
And the original detective - for those that like thrillers/mystery novels

Thanks again to everyone out there that voted for this idea!!! You guys are the best!! If this gets to 1,000 supporters I will create custom tiles for book titles and post another update.

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