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Advent Calendar


Hello everyone! This is my idea of an Advent calendar. I guess the pictures say it all. The "holly branch" in front of the 24 (or 25) keeps the lid from opening until you turn it outwards to pull the last drawer. I included the 25 as well since it is a gift box and in many countries presents are opened until Christmas day. I tried several color combinations and patterns and these are my favorites. Two years ago, when I first made this, there was no 1/4 circle tile in red for the candy cane, so I made a design using a square tile too.

I think this would make a nice christmas decoration at home or at the workplace for years to come and it is fun for all ages. It could be given as a present already built and filled (more fun for you) or let the receiver build it and then fill it when they are not watching, or even just a day before for those really curious! The calendar consists of around 500 pieces, but the piece count could be reduced by removing the base. All parts are in existing colors except for the golden star, which could be replaced by a 2 x 2 flat round tile with a sticker. 

Thank you for your support!

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