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This is a DungBie. These huge creature's are located on Onu-Koro, Mata nui. The Dungbie's have been known to create huge tunnels with their huge claws that are 2 time's bigger then them. These creature's can also dig up to about 50 mile's an hour! The DunBie's are not harmful, ( Even though they do look like trouble. :P :) ) but are gentile creature's that like to help the Onu-matoran dig their tunnels. The DungBie's eat dirt, a few bugs and have very good night vision. :) These creatur's also have a special joint in their back legs that make their back legs to jump! Why? Well, when they dig they often get to cliffs or other tunnels.When they get to those they use their back legs to spirel up into the air. That, and for a wrestling game that they will do for a mate, or just for fun. :)


Pic 1: A DungBie.

Pic 2: The side of the DungBie.

Pic 3: The Back of the DungBie.

Pic 4 and 5: The DungBie's back legs. As you can see, these legs have a 1x2 soft plastic pin piece that can make the legs do their jump. If you want to see the way they jump, just ask and I might make a video of it. :) 


Thanks for looking! :D If you have any questions please be sure to ask. :D :)


Mods: I'm sorry if the photo seems blurry to you, but the photo is clear and has good lighting. Maybe something is wrong with your settings? Just a thought. :) 

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