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Hansel & Gretel Gingerbread House

Whilst Lego does have an official Gingerbread House set, it's Christmas themed and populated by Gingerbread people - and I wanted to portray the Gingerbread witch's cottage from the fairy tale. So, here is my interpretation of it!

The minifigs present are the witch, Hansel chained up but looking happy as he stuffs his face with treats, and Gretel forced to work for the witch - but still holding on to the bread they used to make a breadcrumb trail.

The exterior features an icing-frosted roof studded with gumdrops and jawbreakers, detailing with candy cane supports, various baked goods filling in for brickwork, and a moving front door with a sweet candy motif. Also present is a pesky bird that's been eating all the breadcrumbs!

Inside you find the witch's enormous oven, a shelf full of potions, and a table full of tempting candy treats.

This is my first submission, and I'm very happy with how it turned out - if you feel like supporting it I'd be very grateful! :)

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