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Lego Planetarium


This is my Lego planetarium and it can spin slowly with a Lego motor or manually. It works with really big gears because of all the weight from the planets and there is also a small door you can open and see all the gears. The main thing is that if you don't want to make it spin it also looks great just the way it is. If this does become a Lego set then I will be putting the names of all the planets on each of the arms holding the planets so you could also use this to help your kids and adults learn all the planet names. One last thing is that I did include Pluto because technically it still is a planet that orbits our sun. The main reason I built this is because I found my old planetarium model and thought it would be a cool Lego idea so I made it. Please comment and support my Lego idea. Thanks for taking the time to look at my Lego model.

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