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F-Zero Racing Ships: The “Wild Goose” and the “Fire Stingray“

The set comprises approximately 1968 pieces and recreates the most iconic ships from the video game F-Zero: the “Wild Goose” and the “Fire Stingray“. The design of these ships is based on the original designs that first appeared in the classic game F-Zero for the Super Nintendo in 1990.
The original idea came about because the ships from the classic F-Zero always struck me as funny and amusing. Moreover, the video game holds fond memories for me, and capturing the essence of the ships in a Lego set is phenomenal.
The set undoubtedly appeals to the good memories that many had while playing the F-Zero video game, and the particular aesthetic of the ships is sure to catch attention. Additionally, being able to recreate them with Lego pieces would be an enjoyable experience.

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