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RC 1950's Muscle Car

This is a RC  '50s muscle car. The '50s was full of fins, chrome and V8s. This car is powered by 3 m motors, 2 for the drive and 1 for the steering. This isn't based on a real car, so it's more a mix of many. 

The features are:
Special bumpers,
Special tail lights,
 A chop top,
Fins unique to the '50s.

I built it because I thought it would be really cool if I had a '50s American car. This is Mk1, so it isn't perfect, but I am still happy with it. It took 4 attempts to create a front end that looked American, so I really hope it looks good.

I believe it will make a good set because it combines the life-likeness of a Creator Expert and the playability of a Technic set.

I really hope it gets at least 100 supporters, so if you like it then please support and send feedback. If you think I could improve on anything, then please say in the Comments. Thanks for reading this.