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Jewelry Shop



I know there aren't that many black buildings in real life, but I just had to build one. Why, because they look so cool! :-)

Black is a classic color and can be sophisticated as well, so it suits well with a Jewelry Shop. The main aspect I was thinking of when I built the Jewelry Shop was playability. My daughter's minifigures has the habit of robbing my Brick Bank and I think the Bank Director is quite happy with some competition ;-)

The Jewelry Shop has a 16x16 base, 2 floors and a roof terrace. When you want to play with the building/model you unfold it to get easy access to the interior.

The first floor is the shop itself. Here you'll find the Shop Manager Sarah who sells rings, necklaces, gems and exclusive sunglasses. After a hard days work she locks the door, slide the shelf with the gems to the shopwindow and climbs the ladder upstairs to her flat.

The second floor, Sarah's flat, is the definition of compact living. Despite its small size you'll find a bed, an armchair, a floor lamp, a flat-screen TV and a small kitchen with a chair, table and a french balcony.

Last but not least we have the roof terrace. This is Sarah's place for relaxation. Besides jewelry her hobby is gardening and here you'll find her small garden. There's a sunbed for lazy days and a barbeque if she wants to throw a barbeque party for her friends.


  • Includes 3 mini-doll figures: Sarah the Shop Manager, a customer and a thief.
  • The shop features a slideable wall, opening drawers and cupboards, a turnable stand and a counter.
  • The flat features a bed, a floor lamp, a turnable armchair with an adjustable backrest, a turnable flat-screen TV, kitchen table with chair, french balcony, sink, stove and a small opening fridge.
  • The roof terrace features a small garden, a sunbed, bucket and a barbeque grill with a propane tank.
  • Accessories include money, rings, necklace, gems, diadem, sunglasses, smartphone, mug, painting, sausages, juice box, pan, crowbar and buckets.
  • Pieces: 719


The textures on the juice box and the painting are incorrect. The juice box should of course have the juice-texture, and the painting should have the ”bridge motive”.


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