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Youtuber's Life


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Youtuber's Life is a tycoon-based game where players can make their own videos, which results in their player becoming huge celebrities along the way.  The game was released for early access in 2016 by U-Play on the PC and on Steam, and millions of people have bought the game and downloaded it for themselves to play. Needless to say, the reviews have skyrocketed since its release in May. This project contains around 300 pieces, and you will see why.

For this project, I have put in every detail I could find from the game to put into this set. If you take a look at the first picture underneath the title screen, you will see that the project is based off of the first level of the game, where the player moves in with his mother. This is where the players start making videos and start gaining subscribers. In this photo, I have carefully added a closet for extra clothes, a few shelves, and the computer desk. The second picture shows both sides of the room, just to show you that I carefully put everything I could find together.

At some point, the player would have to get a game console to play on the television. In the third picture, I built an LCD television that has a custom decal printed on, using a window piece as the television screen. (The same goes for the bed.) On the TV stand, there is a piece that can be used as a game controller, so the player would be able to play console games on the television, instead of the computer.

Eventually, at some point, the computer is going to break. Now, if you were the player, who would you call to fix it? That's right, you would have to call the repair man, who can be seen in the fourth picture. This photo also features the computer desk with the swivel chair which I built using just four pieces. You can use the repair man to fix the computer whenever it breaks down.

Now, let's take a look at the minifigures who will be featured in this project. We have the repair man, the mother, the Youtuber (You can name him whatever you want in the comments if you wish), and two of the Youtuber's friends, Jack and Jenna. These minifigures can be seen in the last photo. I tried to get every little detail on these minifigures as I did for the entire room itself. However, projects have their flaws, meaning that this project is gonna be updated once in a while.

Please support this project so that it becomes an official LEGO product. I have worked on this project for a whole month, and I would not want it to go to waste from here. There will be updates for this project, so be sure to check back here to see if one has shown. Until the update, thank you for reading, and I hope you support!

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