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Police Guardhouse With New City Road Plate, Tunisia [LDD]

Police guardhouse with New City Road plate, Tunisia [LDD]

This is a model of the Police guardhouse with inspiration from Tunisia, in northern Africa. The model is built to fit the City Road Plate with Slope Curved 5 x 8 x 2/3.

A special detail is the decoration of the house using SNOT technique.

There are two minifigures, a police man and a boy on a skateboard. The policeman have a Stop sign and a stick. He can control the traffic light for safe passage of the road. The two minifigures have deferent skin tones, Medium Nougat and Light Nougat. The cat and skateboard are also decorated.

All new stickers/tampon prints are drawn in Microsoft PowerPoint, and they are adapted to LDD's standard size.
The model consists of 250 pieces and there are 117 construction steps.

The idea can easily be adapted to the Heartlake universe with two mini dolls with one of the girls and the little sister.

The Slope Curved 5 x 8 x 2/3 (15625) have to be replaced by the new Slope Curved 5 x 8 x 2/3 without studs (6325420 | 71771).

This type of guardhouse dates from the French era in Tunisia and there are still several left in Tunisia, but also in Algeria and in the south of France.
This guardhouse is inspired by one in Sousse, Tunisia.

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