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Mechanical Reaper


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       This is Cyrus McCormick's (Later the founder of McCormick Farmall, a tractor company) Mechanical reaper.  This is the most revolutionary invention ever to be created in the field of agriculture.  Patented in 1834, this reaper cut harvest time into twelfths.  What took 6 men one day to harvest and acre of wheat, the reaper could harvest in one hour.  I feel this should be made into a Lego ideas set because it shows the American way of striving to make life better, and one way the citizens were successful.  The contraption works by cutting the wheat with a blade (picture five), pulling it in by the leading blades (also picture five), from there a conveyor belt pulls the wheat up, bundles it with another blade (picture six), and spits it out.


  • Main driver (large wheel) powers the mechanisms
  • A total of twelve gears
  • A total of five blades (four in front, one on top by the farmer)
  • Smooth gearing adds for play experience
  • A must have for inventors, agriculturalists, and Lego fans

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