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Ninjago Samurai X Cave


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Why this Model?

I loved the Samurai X cave when I saw it in the Ninjago episode „Art of the silent fist”. I liked the Idea of the underground hiding place, with a dinosaur skeleton as an entrance. I think Samurai X is a great character and I love the tech she uses like the Samurai X mech.

What’s special about it?

Because it has this roof it could be hard to reach all the stuff in the cave, which is why I decided to let the side walls open, which gave me the opportunity to hide weapons tools and little areas with computer, a little flight vehicle, a flick-missile shooter and a workshop that can unfold (picture 6 and 7)

Another important part of the cave is the area with the main computer, where Nya normally plans the missions of the Ninja. I tried to make the floor look like it does in the TV show, but maybe a sticker would look better. Underneath this Area is hidden room, where the Samurai X Armor and some weapons are stored. (picture 8, 9 and 10)

I also wanted to place some of the Samurai X’s vehicles in the cave, like they are on the show. That´s why I made them smaler so that they fit into the cave. I built miniature versions of the Samurai X mech, which is the classic vehicle Samurai X uses and the Samurai X car, which is in the cave in the episode “Art of the silent fist”. The miniature versions still have room for a minifigure inside (picture 15). (The pictures 12 and 14 show the miniature versions in comparison to the original ones)

Minifigures (picture 16-20)

Of cause I choose to include Nya and her Samurai X armor in the set, because it is her cave. But I gave Nya an outfit she wears in the Ninjago - Rebooted TV show that was never available in a LEGO set.

I also choose Misako. She is a very important character in the show, but also never available as LEGO minifigure. She also spent a lot of time in the cave during the Tournament of Elements.

After the Tournament the elemental Masters gather in the cave, which is why I choose to include Ash, who is one of them.

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