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Lego Chima Croc Attack Jeep

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Hi, this is my first Chima project after my son asked me why the crocodiles do not have any land based vehicles to take on the lion tank and eagle tank!

It is based on the Wolf Pack jeep with a few additions and it took 4 main purchases to create (2x Crawleys Claw ripper for the wheels and green pieces, Wolf Pack jeep set for the main skeleton and technic pieces and I got the Brickmaster Chima book to make up more green pieces and detailing as well as the Croc minifigure!)

This set took one evening to create and my son loves playing with it. He likes the missile firing action and the fact that the rear winch is now used to carry a Croc jet ski (inspired by the promotional Crug boat set).

I would have an eagle minifigure and at least two croc minifigures with this set if released and price should be similar to the Wolf jeep set.

If you like it please vote. Look out for my next project I am saving for, a Croc Tank in design similar to the first two episodes of the Chima DVD series.

Front view of the Croc Jeep. Lower part of mouth opens when wheels move.

Side view showing the detail on croc jeep. One of the main problems with this project was having enough of the Chima green coloured pieces. I like the wheels with the three toothed wheel hubs!

Rear view showing redesign to the lights and lower chassis.

Winch carrying croc boat...

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