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The Naira Chronicles


Her current name was Ella but she still prefers her original name, Naira. She’s a human girl. That’s the only feature about her she can think of that never changes. Her age was 9. That only changes every year. She was forced to leave her parents on her 7th birthday. They had all known it would happen. But she didn’t have time to think about that now. She had to be ready for the battle. She had to remember her training. She had to be ready.

​I decided to build this 643 set based on a series of books I've written (but haven't got published yet) for 8-12 year olds called the Naira Chronicles. It has no connection with the Chronicles of Narnia; I only discovered the connection after it was too late to change it. I think this would be a good set because it's unique. This set features 3 characters: Penny (AKA Naira), a stray-catcher, and Victoria. This set covers locations from the books. These rooms are:

​Corridor-a section of generic corridor, removable roof, 124 pieces

​Exit-this consists the door out of the building and some corridor, this plays a short but significant role in the story, opening doors, removable roof, 65 pieces

​Naira's room-the room of the main character, this room makes many appearances in the books, opening wardrobe door, opening hatch for Victoria (this is used many times in the books), removable roof, Naira can lie flat on the bed, 101 pieces

Battle Arena-this is where the characters are forced to battle, removable roof, 116 pieces

Training Room-this is where the characters are trained to battle, opening cupboard door, removable roof, 119 pieces

Regeneration chamber room-this is where the characters recover from battle, removable roof, removable roof on regeneration chamber, 105 pieces

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