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The Christmas Candle Arch

I'm crazy about Christmas and a fan of woodcut art from the Ore Mountains.
Thats's why I built this Candle Arch (German:Schwibbogen) with classic motifs.
There is a ski area where children build a snowman and go snowboarding or skiing.
On the left side is the ski lodge which was built with wooden bricks, inside the lodge is a fireplace and a couple is drinking tea.
On the right side is a snowshoe hiker with his dog and a special detail: a frozen Stone Age man.
Above the landscape is a ski lift with another snowboarder.
Below the mountain is a mine with workers and a wagon.
You can find 9 angels attached with turntables to the arch and 9 candles between the curves.
LEGO has only a few Christmas decorations and this beautiful German tradition will expand the repertoire.

Please share this project with family and friends!
Thanks for your support!

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