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Mini PC Build

This Mini PC Build based off my real life personal computer. I decided to try and replicate it out of LEGO since it’s such a critical tool in my everyday life. This model contains various components found inside a pc including multiple fans, motherboard, gpu, watercooled cpu, ram, and a radiator. These components are contained within a white pc case. A keyboard and mouse attach to the pc using string pieces. Bright neon colored bricks representing neon lights can be found throughout the whole model. Printed transparent tiles make up the panels that allow airflow to the fans inside. I added a minifigure working on a three monitor setup inside and equipped him with blue light glasses and headphones.

Many people stream, game, and enjoy other creative hobbies on a pc so I think this LEGO idea would be great as an actual set. It would look amazing sitting next to any computer monitor. I can see people switching out colors and also building their own accessories out of LEGO to match their entire setup!

Thanks for checking out my idea!

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