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The Grandparents' Garden


Hi, I'm Fabio and this is my first project.

I took inspiration by my grandparents' garden and I reproduce it. The garden wasbuilt several years ago and still today my passion for agriculture comes from it. The layout is real as it's represented: in particular, the path and the flowerbeds. The path is composed by sampietrini and large tiles stopped by free land stripes in order to drain water. 

The set is so composed:

-4 minifigures: Grandfather, Grandmother and two Grandchildren;

-several tools as jars and box to collect vegetables;

-the central flowerbed with lemon tree and strawberries plants;

-then, moving form left to right: the flowerbed with general flowers, the salads protected by sun and water by rack, the carrots and garlic. In the fourth one the tomatoes plants growing through the deck. The last one presents young vegetable plants defended by scarecrow;

-the border flowerbed contained the red and white onions. In the corner the apple tree. Then in front of it, the spicy plant, the persimmon tree, the blackberry plant and cherry tree.

- in the last part, the compost bin where put the vegetable waste and the bin to collect water in order to irrigate the garden. The white cat is always present on the wall during the summer days due to the fact that lives in the neighbouring house. The sink can be used to wash the vegetables and fruits collected.

-the cabin tools, with water chain to collect water from the roof and light, contains all the equimnets to cultivate

I create this model set to spread out my passion for the garden and thanks my grandparents to the work done with dedition. I hope that the children who maybe will play with Lego can enjoy it with cultivation rotation but also discover the passion to grow and eat homemade products in personal home garden.


Thank you for the support!!


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