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Cut The Rope


Cut the Rope is a series of physics-based puzzle video games developed by the Russian entertainment company ZeptoLab for several platforms and devices. It consists of the original Cut the Rope (2010) published by Chillingo, Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift (2010), Cut the Rope: Experiments (2011), Cut the Rope: Time Travel (2013), Cut the Rope 2, My Om Nom, and Cut the Rope: Magic (2015).

The objective of the Cut the Rope games is to feed candy to a little green creature named Om Nom while collecting stars. As of May 2015, Cut the Rope games have been downloaded more than 600 million times.

I love this app game (I can play hours with this game) because this idea game is very original and cool! The Om Nom creature is so beautiful and well designed: so I created it on Lego! This project contains 136 lego bricks and especially green pieces. There is also the famous little candy build with two lego pieces. So, if you like my project, don't hesitate to vote for it and to share it to your friends via social medias!

To create the project, I used severel softwere like Ldd, Leo Cad, Ldraw and Blender.

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