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Mind the Brick


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Hello!!! This is my new Lego Ideas project. The concept came at the spur of a moment.
A bit of horror a pinch of humor and some classic London Underground et voila! 

Description: Mind the Brick

This a traditional London Underground Station with a twist!
The train station is called Brick Lane and it resembles the Art Deco stations still remaining in London.
Signs and boards are carefully "printed" in tiles. I like to personalize my Ideas and decorate them in this way.
Made from 635 bricks, this is a medium sized Idea with 6 minifigures. 

Mind the Gap which is usually found as a warning sign on the London's train platforms is altered by Mind the Brick... A warning sign of what lies ahead!!!
Everybody is waiting for the next train to arrive but at their horror a huge 4 stud Red Brick makes its way in the platform.
Its got big eyes, bushy eyebrows, huge teeth and is sticking its tong out...
Everybody is panicking!!! One of the safety workers jumps on the rail track trying to stop the menacing Brick...
The rail conductor is signaling the Red Brick to stop...
The travelers are horrified...
And the Big Red Brick keeps steaming and roaring...

And a bit of history: The Big Red Brick was based on London Underground 1938 Tube stock driving motor car, A-end, No. 10012, 1938. It was Top of the line at the time it was introduced.

- I encourage you to continue the story in the comments :)

I think this is a very playful set and I hope you like it!!!

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