Food Stand Diners

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    Update 1; Milestone Goals


    Wow, I'm just blown away by the love and the support this project is getting. And as a way of thankyou I want to give back something, so…

    The models as shown began as strictly display models, they don't necessarily have the play value a final model would need. The Milkshake Stand for instance, has approximately 100 trans pink 1x1 studs poured into the top to give the appearance of a drink; which looks great when on display, but limits the play value. So just wanted to let you know, that will be the first update for the project. A revised Milkshake Stand, complete with an LDD file and Youtube build video, so that you can make your own and include it in your city.  And I'll release it when the project hits 2500 votes. (As I write this the project has just hit 1400)

    Following that, what would you guys like to see as further updates and included? Please, use the comments and let me know.

    And thanks again, keep spreading the word, and lets take this to 10,000.