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Food Stand Diners


Good Enough to Eat.

Thankyou to everyone who has supported this project so far. It's on the home stretch now, and already more succesful than I could have imagined, so thankyou to everyone.

A lot of you have asked directly for instructions. So a reminder that there are instructional videos for both the Fries Stand, and Burger Stand on my Youtube channel ,  No Shake Stand instructions yet, sorry. (And for those who asked about other food, expect a reveal on both an Icecream Stand, and Popcorn Stand soo) At this point the hope is (obviously) that it makes it through review, and that everyone has the oppurtunity to purchase the set. However, if it doesn't I will make full instructions available, but, that will be in the new year, so thanks for your patience.

And in the meantime, please share it with your friends, family, and wherever else. And let's make it happen.



Yes, they do make an awesome addition to a Roller Coaster Theme Park

A lot of people have mentioned that this would look great as part of a Roller Coaster Theme Park. Well, here's an example - I wanted to give a quick thankyou to everyone who has suggested that. I hadn't played that game, so this hadn't really occured to me. You guys are an inspiration, and I just wanted to share what it could look like built into your own city layouts. Here's a close up of just the Food park area -
And one last one of it in a larger Theme Park at a recent display -
And another big thankyou to everyone who has supported, or is following along, so far. You guys are awesome. It's on the homebound stretch now, so really, thankyou very much. And here's hoping this becomes part of your themeparks soon.




With the project about to round past 7000, I realised none of the pics show the inside kitchens; so here they are. There's not a lot of room in them obviously, but I felt it important they appear functional.

The Fries stand has a frier and some plates ready to go. The Shake stand has a mixer and ice cream cones. And the Burger stand, which has the most internal space, has a prep bench, cooktop and oven, and (not pictured) a rangehood and even a picture on the wall.

because it's those little details that count right?


How to build the Shake Stand

Thankyou everyone for your support. For those who have been asking how to build these, I have added a video on Youtube today that shows you how to build the Shake Stand -

(There's already a video showing how to build the Fries Stand on my channel, and I'll drop a deconstruction of the Hamburger Stand as soon as i can)

Thankyou again to everyone who has supported, is following, has shared, and generally helped get this towards the goal of being a set. To think this is a third of the way there, thanks to you, is amazing. You guys rock.


Update 1; Milestone Goals

Wow, I'm just blown away by the love and the support this project is getting. And as a way of thankyou I want to give back something, so…

The models as shown began as strictly display models, they don't necessarily have the play value a final model would need. The Milkshake Stand for instance, has approximately 100 trans pink 1x1 studs poured into the top to give the appearance of a drink; which looks great when on display, but limits the play value. So just wanted to let you know, that will be the first update for the project. A revised Milkshake Stand, complete with an LDD file and Youtube build video, so that you can make your own and include it in your city.  And I'll release it when the project hits 2500 votes. (As I write this the project has just hit 1400)

Following that, what would you guys like to see as further updates and included? Please, use the comments and let me know.

And thanks again, keep spreading the word, and lets take this to 10,000.