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Hollow Knight: Nosk


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This set is based on one of the scariest bosses in Hollow Knight: Nosk. The bossfight lures the players in by imitating the Knights' appearance and then turning into a monster.

The set includes:
  • The Knight Minifigure
  • Nosk
  • a fake wall, like the one found before the fight

I chose Nosk because he has one of the coolest designs and definitely one of the best introductions out of any Hollow knight boss. I wanted to put in a fake wall because the player can break one right before the bossfight which will allow them to come back faster in case they die (also it felt like the best way to represent the narrow tunnels that lead you to Nosk).

The set consists of 132 parts with some new color combinations. I think the build is stable but I can't be sure since I only built it digitally.

I always wanted a Lego set of Hollow Knight, because the game's world is beautiful and it has so many interesting characters.

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