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Lego - World Geology


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Keep a little bit of the power of fire and water in your home with this set of four landscapes!

A fun and interesting display piece, the Lego World Geology set contains four individual stands which connect into one diorama. Full diorama is just bigger than a 32x32 baseplate.


Realistic terrain of Giant's Causeway, Niagara Falls, Mount Fuji, and Yellowstone National Park.

Cross section of Yellowstone and Mount Fuji reveal ancient fossils and magma chambers.

The back of Niagara falls features a "World Geology" plaque with map.


About the process:

I have always loved Geology, and basalt columns are one of the more visually appealing geological features on earth.The causeway itself is comprised of hexagonal columns of rock, a hard thing to replicate in Lego, but not impossible! I used "cheese wedges" and some interesting S.N.O.T (studs not on top) techniques to keep everything close and to ensure they tesselated properly. Getting the colour layers right on the Yellowstone base was a challenge too, but I am most proud of the shaping of Niagara falls, which places Lego ice cream pieces about as close together as they will go to replicate the waterfall vapour effect.

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