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Moomin Valley


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Moomins (or Muumit in Finnish) were created by Tove Jansson in 1945.  The Moomins is about a family of white fairy tale animals (that look like hippopotamus) and their friends and neighbors.  Their adventures revolved around their home in Moomin Valley but they often take to the high seas in a boat they found on their beach.  Moomins are always looking for adventure.  They never back down from trouble and often find resolve in their own ingenuity.  While Moomin Pappa is at the ready with his rifle, often their troubles are solved with a simple cup of Moominmamma’s coffee.

Moomin Valley
Moomin, a little boy, and his friends, Snufkin and Sniff, sit on the Moomin Bridge.  Snufkin is a traveler who lives on his own in a small camp and likes to fish.  Of course, Little My is getting into trouble trying to catch the Last Dragon in the World, who sits atop the mailbox.  Snork Maiden, Moomin’s girlfriend, has found the heart shaped shell hidden among the flowers. 

Trouble is never far in Moomin Valley.  Stinky is probably up to no good.  Who knows what Thingumy and Bob have in their suitcase?  The Hattifatteners are probably hiding somewhere nearby.  Is that the Hobgoblin’s hat in the stream?  We can only be happy that the Groke isn’t around. 

Moomin’s International Phenomenon
What started as a comic strip in Finland and Sweden grew into an international phenomenon, with fans bases in England, Denmark, Germany, Russia and even Japan.  The Moomins have been immortalized in newspapers, books, television series, and even a movie in 2014.  There are Moomin Cafés in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Finland.  There’s even a Moomin World theme park in Finland and plans for one in Japan.  At ComicCon 2016, Tov Jansson was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. 

Growing up Finnish, Moomins are a big part of your life.  I wanted to use Moomins to introduce Finnish to my daughter.  It wasn’t until my wife and I were taking our daughter to Moomin World that we discovered the worldwide impact of the Moomins.  Retired friends in England became giddy children when they heard that Moomin World existed.  While in Moomin World, we were amazed by the number of Japanese fans that had made the journey to Moomin Valley.

The rights to the Moomin characters is owned by Moomin Characters Ltd. 

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