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Never Stop Skate Park

This skate park is called Never Stop to symbolize to never stop skateboarding, but to keep going, the stop sign by the ramp is where the name is shown. This park has a mixture of different elements from skateboarding, this park is for ramp riders, street skaters, free stylers, almost all different types of LEGO skateboarding can be done here. There is graffiti everywhere like in a lot of skate parks which brings the park to life with the different colours and shapes.

I built this park because I skateboard and usually skate parks don't have a variety of different things to skate on for different styles. So that's why I decided to make this LEGO skateboard park, so people can do a variety of different LEGO skateboarding.

I think it would make a good LEGO set because you can have a lot of fun with the park, you can ride on. The wooden ramp and soar in the air. You can ride the half pipe and then kickflip over the fun box, then slide on the rail so fast that your wheels fall off. But you can put your brick wheels back on and have fun with this park, that's why I think it would be a LEGO set.

P.S. Always remember to wear a helmet.

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