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Space Projection Telescope

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Your Home Is Your Spaceship

Shine the beacon and look out the porthole, into the worlds unknown.

The light travels through the telescope tube, pierces the slide, and becomes a galaxy, or a comet, or an alien spacecraft, right in front of you.

For truly powerful projection, open the tube and insert a flashlight (supports a variety of sizes).

Complete Your Galaxy Scratch-Off Map

With an array of slides included, you can visit multiple locations around the universe, from the comfort of your home. 

Bonus: an Earth slide, making this telescope fully suitable for your vacation on Mars.

Try It in the Real-Thing Mode

This is not just a LEGO telescope display model.

Not just a night sky projector.

It's also a telescope. Kind of. 

Pick a slide, turn on the light brick underneath, and catch a glimpse through the eyepiece.

Black hole, seen through eyepiece.

Enjoy the Ultimate Viewing Experience

Decide where you want to find your next cosmic wonder.

Pick a wall, any wall. Or the ceiling. Or the floor. Adjust accordingly.

Made with the approval of and in collaboration with SeriousDuckling and Kathleen_Knight

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