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Lover House

The Lover house from Taylor Swift's Lover music video has become a recognizable symbol to millions of people around the world and an integral part of the Swiftie fandom. The house is a classic Swift "Easter egg", as each room represents a different album. The house is so iconic that it has been used on Swift's website to link to merchandise from each record.

During her upcoming Eras tour, Taylor Swift will be celebrating her discography. Now is a perfect time to celebrate her music through the visual representation of her body of work.

Replicas of the Lover snow globe (containing the house), originally sold through Swift's online store, now resell for thousands of dollars. Fan recreations sell prolifically online. As Swift continues to release music, her fandom continues to grow, now spanning multiple generations, just as the LEGO builder community does. Celebrate the songwriter of our time by voting for this set!

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