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The Greenpark


Ladies and Gentlemen after "The Greenhouse", here's to you ... "The Greenpark".

It is a piece designed on a 32x32 base to recreate a small city park to be placed before the Greenhouse.

The project is designed to fit between two modular buildings, almost to fill a void and make the main entrance to an area of ​​the city that deals with flowers and plants.

Inside a very neat park there are two resting areas with benches that surround two large birches and the two symbolic statues, which can also be seen through the gates, create a magical and mysterious atmosphere.

To enclose and demarcate the park from the neighboring buildings there are two wings of vertical green, full of flowers that with their colors help to lighten the impact of the side walls.

Now the park can be animated by all the minifigures that our imagination can imagine.

Total Pieces 1412.

Thank you for your support and if you have not already done so, please visit the Greenhouse project.

N.B. On one of the two birches you can see a small birdhouse.


The Greenhouse project:

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