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Moving Panorama LEGO



today I am very exited to show you the newest model from my friend and me. The "Moving Panorama LEGO" isn't only a really beatiful panorama, which you can put in your room and watch the movings. No, it's also a technical wonder. The model can split up into six small scenes. Each part of the panorama could work on his one. You only have to put a small crank or a (additional) power functions motor on it. If you put all parts together, you can power it (also by an crank or additional power functions motor) from the back, you'll see how the complete model (exept the windmill which is powered by a solar pannel) moves by only one motor. 

Here you can see how everything is moving:



In the following I will say a little bit more to each part so let's get start:

- The Windmill: A wodden windmill on a small sandy hill with a snow coverd mountain in the background. Is the only part, wich is powered extra by solar energy.

- The Blue Water Railway: One of the biggest parts. A small train wich drive in a sandy area and trough a tunnel in a snow covered mountain.

- The Day-Night Mountain: A big snow coverd mountain in the border from sandy to grass. On the back you find a Day-Night cycle.

- The old Watermill: The Watermill stands on a mountain and a river flows through the comeplete scene.

- The mystical Church: This is a very small scene. A church with colerful windows and a graveyard with a scary ghost.

- The Harbour: A far away harbour and a wooden ship, which goes up and down by waves. 


My friend and I hope you like the model and support it. 

If you have any questions please feel free and ask me. I will answer them as soon as possible.

Thanks for watching!



P.S.: Keep smiling!

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