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Lego Highway Bridge


When traveling, sooner or later you will come to a stream, or river. What do you cross when you come to a river? A bridge! If we use bridges, so should Lego Minifigures, so today, my latest Lego Creation is a Lego Highway Bridge, complete with Minifigures.

The reason I came up with this project was because I have noticed a shortage of bridges in Lego sets. We cross bridges in cars, motorcycles, and bikes daily, so why shouldn't Lego Minifigures?

My bridge is designed to be on a highway over a short river. It has one arch in the middle, and one half arch on each side of that one. Many bridges are created this way, as arches provide much stability. On top of the bridge are the unique side rails, and then there is a two lain road, and a small sidewalk on either side of the road.

The Set contains Two male Minifigures, one female Minifigure, and one male coast guard Minifigure. The set also includes a bicycle, motorcycle, patrol boat with spotlight, and a car.

Now that you have seen the Lego Highway Bridge, it is up to you to make it a set! If you see my project, make sure to inform your friends, and to support it yourself!


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