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Ottawa Skyline


This was inspired by the other skyline sets when I wanted to build my own city. There aren't any architecture sets featuring buildings in Canada, so I figured this might be a good place to start.

Structures included:

  1. The parliament buildings
    - Home to the Canadian government and the centerpiece of downtown Ottawa, and the most popular tourist attraction
  2. Chateau Laurier
    - Very old and large hotel with interesting architecture
  3. Art Gallery of Canada
    - Made almost entirely of glass with interesting geometry
  4. Canadian Museum of Nature
    - The Victoria Memorial museum building, housing exibits on natural science & history
  5. Dunton Tower
    - At the heart of Carleton University, one of Ottawa's tallest and most unique buildings
  6. O-Train
    - Running North to South straight through the centre of Ottawa, the O-Train symbolizes the modern nature of the city
  7. Ottawa River & Rideau Canal
    - Both unique bodies of water and popular tourist attractions, the Ottawa River separates the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in the North, while Rideau Canal is a man-made stream flowing to the South.


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