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The LEGO Movie Speaker Delivery


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This set is based off of the scene in The LEGO Movie where Emmet and Lucy are disguised as robots delivering Lord Business' speakers.  It includes 4 mini figures: Robot Emmet, Robot Lucy, and 2 Robot Construction Workers.  The set also has 2 speakers pretty much identical to the ones in the movie, (I watched the scenes with the speakers to try and make them as accurate as possible.) and the shield that holds the Kragle inside, which Emmet and Lucy are trying to disarm.  The total piece count is 182 bricks.  Emmet includes his hard hat (I couldn't find the hard hat with his hair sticking out the bottom in LEGO Digital Designer) and the Piece of Resistance is silver.  He is almost the same as the one in Benny's Spaceship, but with a different face.  Lucy only has her hair because they don't make the version shown in the movie with her hair sticking out.  It doesn't matter, though.  Also, her hood is black because there isn't a silver version.  The Kragle is built almost the same as in Lord Business' Evil Lair, with who pieces being replaced with one.  (I'll update if I find the correct pieces used in the actual set.)  The robots each have a construction uniform on, and a hard hat.  The Kragle shield has many lasers around it and is on a 16X16 plate.  On top is another plate, which is connected to the lasers by 4 1X1 round plates with a hole in the middle.  I hope you will support my first LEGO Ideas project!  Thanks for viewing!

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