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Happy Taco! Food Truck


Presenting to you is the "Happy Taco" food truck!

There has been quite a few food trucks I noticed on this site (go check out the latest Burger Truck and infamous Hotdog Truck) after the fact I designed mine and felt disheartened to post mine, but I still think there's some unique features I can offer. First off, the idea came from real life inspiration - there is a food truck parking lot near my work. This food truck is based off one of those I visit regularly. I wanted to create the whole line of food trucks and present the idea to this site but after reading the guidelines - they do not allow "series" or complete "play themes" so I had to break down my posts into separate individual sets. I'm very much into blending the ideas of food and LEGO ever since I saw the "6350: Pizza To Go" set when I was young. One key design element I needed to make sure that made it in this design was to keep the truck at 6 stud-wide - to match the current standardized LEGO trucks and cars. The price range for this set should be no more than $35-$40. This set should be able to be placed next to the original series' and deliver the same magic.

Here you go!


Big HAPPY Taco top-sign
Power generator hitched on front (like the real life one I see every day)
Sauce/beverage trays for customers (can fold into the truck when mobilized)
Gallery window to watch cooks do their stuff
Backdoors with ramp accessible for kitchen/storage
Seating for customers
Garbage for trash

Full kitchen
Grill with Hood Vent
Prep station
Fire Extinguisher
Shelving for condiments, toppings
Bottom cupboards
Gauge for kitchen components' fuel
Driver has PC next to seat for social media/marketing


Top comes off in 2 stages, 1 for just the top and 2nd for the serving doors to be removed for easier access inside.

Contains 4 minifigures - 2 employees and 2 customers, 331 pieces.

I can definitely say there can be piece optimizations and refinements overall but I'm happy how it turned out with the time I put in it.

This set was designed with LDD. There are certain physics the program doesn't allow so I wasn't able to do specific things I desired such as placing toppings in the shelves. Sorry about that, I think if I had the real pieces I would be able to photograph it a lot better.

But above all, enjoy and get inspired!

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