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Winter Irish Music Restaurant


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I love the Irish landscape, culture, the music and the friendlyness of the people.
And as a huge fan of the Winter Village theme I would like to bring the Irish joy in a winter scenario to you!

My project offers you:
  • an Irish restaurant
  • a designer appartment
  • the spooky attic
  • a big snowy tree
  • 6 minifigs
  • an authentic architecture
  • a lot of different building technics
  • and fun!

All over the world the Irish restaurants with their colorful fassades are recognized immediatly.
Inside you get great food like Fish & Chips and burgers of all kind of course and many other delicious stuff.
And if you are lucky some people play traditional Irish music with the Bodhrán drum, accordion, guitar, violin and many more instruments and maybe somebody is dancing and step dancing as well.
All this is shown in the restaurant in the basement.

In the first floor we have a designer appartment that could come directly out of a renovating TV show.
It has a stylish kitchen with a big kitchen island, a huge fridge, mixer and espresso machine. The turkey is ready to be eaten.
The living room offers cozy couches in front of the decorated chimney and the christimas tree with a lovely present below completes the festive atmosphere for the whole family.

On top is of course ... the roof of the building with the attic. As there are some spiders and a bat hanging around it might be clear why there is still a dusty present lying, forgotten since some time. Maybe a fearless person will enter and will find it somtimes and is happy to become rewarded.

Tradionally every winter village set comes with a snowy tree. So it does here and it is a really big one, covered with snow. I wanted to create a new design for a tree and came up with this approach.

And of course the minifigs are not allowd to miss. We have here the waiter in the restaurant, two musicians playing Bodhrán and accordion and the lovely family enjoying the festive season of the year.

The architecture of the whole building is very close to the real architecture you'll find everywhere across Ireland. To make everything as realistic as possible a lot of different building technics are included in this model and will offer you great fun while your building experience.
Like all Winter Village houses the back side is open to have a direct view on the festive activities going on.

The project consists of 1848 bricks and all are available in the used color for a direct builld!

I hope you like it!

Then please VOTE for my festive project and leave a comment to bring this joy to life!

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Thank you so much!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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